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Carbon Fiber Material Engineering

Combines with Delicated Craftmanship

and Advanced Technology


Protect Your Device with the Lightest
and One of the Strongest Materials on Earth

Exclusive and Patented Technologies
Endless Possibilities

Custom built


You need to step out in style with iPhone 7 case with exquisite design. The super slim, anti-slip full body protector, designed for your iPhone 7.

This carbon fiber hybrid rubberized casing is a unique design to give you the comfort you can ever dream of when it comes to protecting your mobile device and adding style and taste to your look.

Special design


Since your mobile phone deserves the best, iPhone 7 case with super slim anti-slip grip, full body protector is just the best to protect your phone and add taste, class, and elegance o your personality.

It is lightweight without extra burden on your phone, and it will make you comfortable any time of the day.

This is Perfection that modern technology offers your new mobile phone because you deserve to have the best iPhone 7 case.




with lasting strength, and strong design, you can ever have this is the best iPhone 7 case in the market. Bass-top case comes with the best product that you can only enjoy as a royal you are seen to be.

Since royals do not settle for less, then you have every right to protect your mobile device with the best iPhone 7 case that is on the market.




there is no need to compromise style for protection, this is the only iPhone case that offers stylish with the primary goal of protecting your iPhone 7 mobile phone.

Classic Appeal

Premium PU leather looks sophisticated

while being animal-friendly

Minimalistically Engineering Offers You the Best User Experience


Redesigned contouring Poly-carbonate frame allows for ergonomic hold

Luxurious Color Options




Impact Protection

Up to 6M. Six-Sided 360◦ Protection System for the device

Raised Bumper to protect the camera


100% Real Carbon

Softness level

Soft and Pliable


Contoured Bumper Frame creating slim appearance

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